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      This class meets all the requirements to get your concealed carry license in Minnesota, Florida, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Arizona. In this class we will go over firearms safety, handgun parts identification, firearms in the home, fundamentals of pistol shooting, safe carry considerations, and the legal implications. There will also be a live fire exercise for you to demonstrate safe handling, knowledge of operating a pistol, and being able to hit a target. (Don’t worry if it’s your first time I will be able to help you through the process) You will walk away from this class not just with a certificate to get your permit, but also with some skills you can practice to become a better shooter, and protector.

What to bring

      Please bring hearing protection, eye protection, a pistol (preferably the one you would like to carry), and at least 50 rounds of ammo. If you do not have a pistol yet, we have a 22 pistol that can be used for an extra fee of $10. Feel free to bring a notebook and pen to take any notes you may want.


      Must be legal to own a firearm and 21 years old or older. You will need to be at least 21 to receive your permit to carry.


      This class class cost $100. Includes classroom time, range time, and your certificate.

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