Pistol 1


        This 1-day class is the foundation for all future pistol training. We will go over mindset, safety, the fundamentals of marksmanship and how to apply them, how to shoot fast and accurate, step by step how to have an efficient holster draw, different types of reloads and how and when to use them, and learn the difference between stoppages, malfunctions, and breakages, along with what to do should they occur. We will give you tips on things you can practice that will help you become a safer, faster, and more accurate protector, all while having fun at the range. While this class is designed for beginners even experienced shooters will walk away with techniques to become more efficient and effective with a pistol, as well as become better equipped and prepared as a protector.


– Your semi auto pistol and holster. Holster must be kydex or similar material, must hold its shape for easier reholstering and have full solid trigger guard protection. If you do not have one or have any questions about your equipment, please contact us and we can rent you a pistol and holster or answer any question you may have.

– Hearing and eye protection

– 4 mags and a mag carrier (you can load your mags before class but please only put 10 rounds in each mag, this will help keep everyone on the same page when it comes to reloading and help keep track of round count)

– About 250 rounds of ammo.

– Plenty of water, snacks (we will brake for a lunch)

– Please dress for the weather (we will train rain or shine)



Must be 18, and an American citizen legal to own and possess firearms


Cost for this class is $200

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