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      In this class we will go over firearm safety, handgun part identification, ammunition knowledge, the fundamentals of shooting, dryfire, hygiene as it relates to shooting, selecting and maintaining a pistol, cleaning a pistol, and things you can do to continue to learn about your pistol. There will also be a live fire exercise, where we will put the things you learned into practice. You will walk away from this class with the basic knowledge of how to safely use, care for, and select your pistol. You will also learn about continuing opportunities to advance your skill and have the confidence to practice and be a safe responsible firearm owner.


      Please bring hearing and eye protection, any snacks and water you may want, and a notebook and pen to take any notes you would like to have.


      Must be legal to own a firearm and 18 years old or older, unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.


This class is $100. It includes range time, the use of a pistol, and ammo.

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