Life Basic Pistol

Life2A’s basic pistol class is a great way for beginners to learn safe handling skills of a pistol, how to select the right pistol for their needs, how to maintain a pistol, and much more.

Class Fee: $100

Multi-State concealed Carry

Multi-State Concealed Carry class from Life2A meets all the training requirements for Minnesota, Florida, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Arizona concealed carry permits. Participants will earn the certificate needed to obtain a concealed carry license.

Class Fee: $100

pistol one

This 1 day class is the foundation for all future pistol training. We go over mindset, safety, the fundamentals, efficient draw stroke, and much more. You will learn tips that will help you become a safer, faster, and more accurate protector.

Class Fee: $200

Everything red dot

A 2-day 16 hour class designed to teach you everything you need to know about your red dot equipped pistol. Whether for self-defense, competition, or just for fun you will learn the good, the bad, and how to overcome any obstacles. Making you more comfortable, confident, and competent with your red dot.

Class Fee: $400

try before you buy

In this class, you will get the opportunity to try some of the most popular (and our top pics) concealed carry pistols on the market. Getting a chance to try pistols before you make the decision to buy will help you make the best informed decision you can. This class will help you make the right choice on which pistol to protect your family with.

Class Fee: $50

protector mindset

In this class, you will learn about mindset, situational awareness, how bad guys pick a target and much more. You will also get the opportunity to go through scenarios on our simulator and get to play the jury for others as they go through scenarios. This is a great opportunity to get a group together learn some things you may not have realized you didn’t know and have some fun in the process.

Class Fee: $300 for groups, max of 8 people

NRA Basic Pistol

During this class, we will discuss the NRAs standards for basic pistol shooting. Participants of the NRA Basic Pistol class offered by Life2A will gain a certificate of completion of an NRA Basic Pistol class, a first step in some states to earn a concealed carry permit.

Class Fee: $100

Private & Group Classes

Please contact Life2A for group rates or to schedule private classes.

Class Fee: Cost Varies

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