protector mindset


        Are you looking to take the next step in becoming a better protector? Do you want to prepare your mind for different scenarios you could find yourself in? This class will help you start thinking about things that could happen in your daily life and help you prepare your mind, so you don’t freeze in the moment. In this class we will discuss protector mindset. We will go over how bad guys think, how and when they attack, what they are looking for, and how to avoid being a victim. After our discussion we will have each of you go through some scenarios on our simulator. After each scenario we will go through the after-action report and have open discussions about what happened and how things may have been able to go differently. When the scenario is finished everyone waiting and watching will get to be the jury and decide if what happened was justified. Plus, some moral and ethical review based on what happens.



Feel free to bring your favorite Glock 17 holster (if you have one).  If not, one will be provided for you to use



Must be 18, or accompanied by an adult and an American citizen legal to own and possess firearms


Cost for this class is $300 for groups, max of 8 people

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